• "ZES understood our energy strategy very clearly"

    Ghislain Gielen

  • "Concrete, correct and efficient advice around diverse problems. Monitoring of the energy market and guidance around clicks for electricity and gas is personally and closely followed up and is coupled with tailor-made advice"

    Tim Peeters
    Energie aankoop - Katoen Natie nv

  • "Very smooth and correct collaboration! Extensive market knowledge and ability to transfer these knowledge to participants of the group procurement of green energy. Strong motivation and flexible commitment. A very positive attitude"

    Giudo De Roo
    POM West - Vlaanderen

  • "Good approach towards the tendering process. The reports were short and concise and we could always come to you with additional questions. Besides the exercise was very worthwhile. Worth repeating"

    Dirk Robberechts
    Group De Ceuster

  • "ZES carriedout a thorough ecological footprint analysis for Crammerock and suggested recommendations on how to reduce the footprint. As a result Crammerock was one of the 7 finalists from 90 participants at the Green Event Award!"

    Tuur Van Braeckel
    Organisatie Crammerock

  • "Via a CO2-audit we gained, in a wellfounded way the possible course of actions that we could undertake in order to reduce the CO2 emissions of our operations. That is what we needed and that is what we got."

    Bart Demedts
    11.11.11 VZW

  • "The collaboration regarding feasibility studies for PV - installation and CHP was a positive experience. Your expertise and experience based knowledge will always be remembered"

    Werner Pas
    Managing Director - Ebem BVBA

  • "Your excellent documentary about climate neutral projects was televised (RTBF) on national television with mention of our project. Many thanks!"

    Compagnons de la terre

  • "During the process we learnt and were convinced more and more about company philosophy and by the added value your consultants offer."

    Steven De Ruyscher
    Aankoper - Europecollege

  • "A very good understanding between both parties. It is nice to do business this way"

    Franky Van Boven

  • "Very expert and quick consultancy services in the field of Wind energy projects"

    Katty Michielsen
    Gemeente Schoten

  • "A point of contact, flexible attitude and transparent price structure, these are values which you will find in this family company."

    Danny De Kerf
    Directiecomité - ADPO

  • "The many years of collaboration have paid off more than the effective yearly contract cost."

    Rudy De Decker
    Technical Manager Europe - VLS Group

  • "Thank you for the explicit explanation, the prior preparation and analysis. We highly appreciated your objective input"

    Pieter Vijncke
    Director - IVBO

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